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You are invited to a free DREAM DRIVEN LIFETM workshop:

Venue: Training Room
16th Floor Menara AIA
99 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
H/P: 016-2050319


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10:06 PM 7/10/2008


Goal Driven LifeTM> and Dream Driven LifeTM Free Seminar


Insurance Premium to Maintain Contract & avoid Cancellation  

My second baby step to leaving a legacy is to produce at least the minimum insurance premium to maintain the agency contract with AIA (American International Insurance Bhd.) and AIG (American Insurance Group) and avoid cancellation.


Chapter 1: Taking Baby Steps  

I have already announced in public that my dream or goal is to author this book and take over KL/Legacy. When the subject of whether the agency KL/Legacy still exist with the previous agency manager Kok Lee Wah, district manager of WealthVest, the answer is no and I am free to chose any name including KL/Legacy if I ever succeed in achieving my dream of becoming an agency manager.

However, before one can run, one must learn to walk. Another way of expressing this well known saying is that large steps should be broken down into small baby steps. As we achieve these baby steps on our way to reaching our dream or goal, we will gain confidence and the large, seemingly unreachable dream or goal will seem within reach.

This chapter "Taking Baby Steps" is the first baby step on the way to achieving my dream of authoring this book Dream Driven LifeTM or Goal Driven LifeTM. Easy isn't it. One decision and one step on the way to the larger goal of authoring a book.


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Introduction Goal Driven LifeTM or Dream Driven LifeTM  

Dream Driven LifeTM
Goal Driven LifeTM
Peter Chen


The book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren was a big success and is the inspiration for this book Dream Driven LifeTM, alternatively titled Goal Driven LifeTM. While Purpose Driven Life is based on the Christian Bible, this book shall be of secular or non-religious book. It shall center on the importance having a dream or goal so that one have a direction in one’s life. A person without a dream or goal to achieve something meaningful is like a sailboat without a sail drifting and blown in random directions by the fickle winds. It probably will never reach its destination. A person with a dream or goal to attain will be like a ship with a compass to guide it to its destination. It will proceed in as near a straight line to its destination as possible and it will have a very high chance of reaching its destination, unlike a sailboat without a sail.

The very first step in setting a direction for one’s life is to have a dream, a goal, a destination, an objective, a motive, an aim, et cetera. Thus the title of this book can just be as well be:

Objective Driven LifeTM
Direction Driven LifeTM
Motive Driven LifeTM
Aim Driven LifeTM
Direction Driven LifeTM
Teleology Driven LifeTM
Intention Driven LifeTM
Ambition Driven LifeTM
Aspiration Driven LifeTM
Design Driven LifeTM
Determination Driven LifeTM
Agenda Driven LifeTM
Intention Driven LifeTM
Ambition Driven LifeTM
Resolution Driven LifeTM
Aim Driven LifeTM
Will Driven LifeTM
Resolution Driven LifeTM
Destination Driven LifeTM
Reason Driven LifeTM
Plan Driven LifeTM
Mission Driven LifeTM

As for myself, I do have a dream, a goal. I want to leave a LEGACY. Refer to
Kuala Lumpur Legacy
KL/Legacy or KL Legacy
Dream Driven Life
Mission Driven Life
Intellectual Property Website

Copyright ©Peter Chen 1st June 2008. All rights reserved.


Goal publish Dream Driven LifeTM book  

I am quite serious about publishing this book or books:

Dream Driven LifeTM
Goal Driven LifeTM

You may have read about my disappointment at not being accepted as an author for Blogger for Dummies (Wiley Publications) but was not selected because I troubled the publisher with too many emails. Now I am seriously of authoring 2 PDF books, one related to "Blogger for Dummies" (perhaps titled Dummies' Guide to Blogger e-Book or something), and another one titles "Dream Driven Life" © Peter Chen May 2008.

Perhaps I may even put them up as downloadable PDF book and probably sell them online via PayLoadz. However, being a relatively new and unknown author, I may face problems selling them. Perhaps offering some kind of promotional products for those who download the PDF book or books may help. Perhaps try out some low cost promotional items like this Widebody Bic Custom Imprinted pens as I would like to keep cost down.

wide body BIC pen 50% discount

Photo of Widebody Bic Custom Imprinted Pen is property of

Now the PDF book "Dream Driven Life" (© Peter Chen May 2008) will be all about motivation and how we must have a goal or dream in life to achieve anything significant. This motivation book will be very suitable for commercial corporations to motivate their staff to achieve greater success. Perhaps I should offer corporate gifts for corporations buying my motivation book "Dream Driven Life" (© Peter Chen May 2008) will help promote my PDF book.

Now to find the time to publish these 2 PDF books. Praying for 48 hour days.