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Chapter 1: Taking Baby Steps  

I have already announced in public that my dream or goal is to author this book and take over KL/Legacy. When the subject of whether the agency KL/Legacy still exist with the previous agency manager Kok Lee Wah, district manager of WealthVest, the answer is no and I am free to chose any name including KL/Legacy if I ever succeed in achieving my dream of becoming an agency manager.

However, before one can run, one must learn to walk. Another way of expressing this well known saying is that large steps should be broken down into small baby steps. As we achieve these baby steps on our way to reaching our dream or goal, we will gain confidence and the large, seemingly unreachable dream or goal will seem within reach.

This chapter "Taking Baby Steps" is the first baby step on the way to achieving my dream of authoring this book Dream Driven LifeTM or Goal Driven LifeTM. Easy isn't it. One decision and one step on the way to the larger goal of authoring a book.

What next?

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