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Goal publish Dream Driven LifeTM book  

I am quite serious about publishing this book or books:

Dream Driven LifeTM
Goal Driven LifeTM

You may have read about my disappointment at not being accepted as an author for Blogger for Dummies (Wiley Publications) but was not selected because I troubled the publisher with too many emails. Now I am seriously of authoring 2 PDF books, one related to "Blogger for Dummies" (perhaps titled Dummies' Guide to Blogger e-Book or something), and another one titles "Dream Driven Life" © Peter Chen May 2008.

Perhaps I may even put them up as downloadable PDF book and probably sell them online via PayLoadz. However, being a relatively new and unknown author, I may face problems selling them. Perhaps offering some kind of promotional products for those who download the PDF book or books may help. Perhaps try out some low cost promotional items like this Widebody Bic Custom Imprinted pens as I would like to keep cost down.

wide body BIC pen 50% discount

Photo of Widebody Bic Custom Imprinted Pen is property of

Now the PDF book "Dream Driven Life" (© Peter Chen May 2008) will be all about motivation and how we must have a goal or dream in life to achieve anything significant. This motivation book will be very suitable for commercial corporations to motivate their staff to achieve greater success. Perhaps I should offer corporate gifts for corporations buying my motivation book "Dream Driven Life" (© Peter Chen May 2008) will help promote my PDF book.

Now to find the time to publish these 2 PDF books. Praying for 48 hour days.

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